Hi! I'm Cristian.

I'm the ceramicist behind Mano Ceramic Studio (formerly known as Mano Art Co.).

I've been fascinated by making things with my hands since I was a boy.

Swinging hammers, chopping vegetables, banging on pots and pans - I couldn’t get enough of making something out of nothing. I've since played and written music; graphic design-ed and video edit-ed; learned to cook all kinds of cuisines. Needless to say, I love to make things.

In 2021, I left my career in higher education/student affairs and founded Mano Ceramic Studio. This project is all about ceramics that are hecho a mano, or made by hand. This is central to my work because my work is inspired, first and foremost, by the work my Mexican immigrant grandparents did with their hands. They were laborers and caretakers, and they were the first people that taught me to nurture my creative spirit. They did so by making things both out of necessity and for the sake of making - by making things both simple and beautiful. Their guidance led me right back to where I started - making things with my hands.

I make all of my pottery in my makeshift garage-studio in Orange County, CA. If you’ve made it this far, I hope you find some handmade ceramics that you love - and maybe even inspire you to make something.

From the Studio

For more of my ramblings on ceramics, food, etc., check out my blog - From the Studio.

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