Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! My name is Cristian. But don't worry - you're not the first person to ask.

The name Mano Ceramic Studio came from the Spanish phrase, "hecho a mano," or made by hand. All of my ceramics are hecho a mano, and when I started this business, I wanted that facet of my work to be front and center.


That said, I personally hand wash all of my handmade ceramics - whether I've made them or collected them - because the dishwasher can be harsh.

To prevent thermal shock, don't put boiling hot food/drink in any cold (e.g., refrigerator temp) ceramics. The temperature difference can cause ceramic to crack or even break.

All of my ceramics are microwave and dishwasher safe. However, I hand wash my handmade ceramics and encourage my customers to do the same if able. Dishwashers can be especially harsh and wear down surfaces, decorations, and joints on ceramics.

I will pack and ship your order within 3-5 business days, after which you'll receive an email with shipping and tracking information.

If you haven't received this email, or if you'd like more information on the status of your order, please send your name and order confirmation number to

No. However, I frequently sell at farmers and makers markets in the Orange County, CA area if you'd like to shop in person.

To learn more about the markets I'm selling at, follow me on Instagram through the footer below.

All sales are final, so make sure you love the ceramics you're choosing!

However, if an item in your order arrives damaged, please send an email to with a photo and I'll work with you on getting that item replaced.

I currently use two clay bodies: one is a speckled stoneware made by Laguna Clay, and the other is a porcelaneous stoneware made by Aardvark Clay.

Both are food safe once fully kiln fired.

I use locally-made glazes that are both lead-free and food-safe.

The first glaze, which I call sandstone, is a mottled, cream-colored glaze that becomes caramel-colored in areas where it's applied more thickly.

The second glaze, which I call aurora, is a mottled, emerald green glaze that becomes a dark green/black when applied thinly with pockets of emerald green that shine through.

The final glaze, which I call speckle, isn't actually speckled at all but is a solid white glaze that allows the speckles in a speckled clay body to show through.

I don't have a set restock schedule, but I'm currently restocking the shop about once per quarter, or about 4 times per year. 

If you're interested in ordering a number of specific wares, I also take wholesale orders under the More tab above.

I'm happy to work with you on a wholesale order of four (4) of my wares or more. 

Please visit the Wholesale Orders page under the More tab to send me your name, contact information, and some details on the wares you're looking to get.

I don't take commissions of customized/personalized wares at this time.

I always offer 15% off on a customer's first online order after they've signed up for my quarterly newsletter, Mano Quarterly.

I also offer occasional/seasonal promotions, which you can learn about through Mano Quarterly or through my social media channels.

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