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Pozole? Ramen? Tomato bisque? Whichever soup you’re craving, this bowl’s got you covered. It even doubles as a cereal or ice cream bowl, if that’s your thing.

All pieces are hecho a mano and may feature slight differences compared to those pictured. Shipped using recyclable and/or post-consumer materials.

5.75 in. wide | 2.5 in. tall | 22 fl oz volume

  • I use an extruder to make a smooth and uniform foot, which I attach while trimming.

  • Creamy tomato bisque with a grilled cheese on the side - especially on a cloudy day.

  • A low bowl - perfect for pastas, salads, dips, or shareables.

Why Mano Ceramic Studio?

Mano Ceramic Studio is inspired by the phrase "hecho a mano," or made by hand. All of my ceramics are hecho a mano, and the desire, passion, and commitment to make things by hand is central to my work.

Bring home something that was thoughtfully and lovingly crafted by hand - and support a small business in the process.

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